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Jeff Kyle

     Hello, and welcome to my eFolio. This compilation of short web pages aims to provide an overarching understanding of who I am as a person, and how I have grown throughout my time attending Holy Cross College. But aside from looking at the classes I have taken, the places I have traveled  and the skills I have acquired, I think it is important to first look at the driving force behind it all-my passion for what I do.

     While one's passions are generally seen as being within one's self, I believe that there is also a component that is outside the self, exhibited through experiences with others. This is the element to passion that is inspired as opposed to inherent. It refers to interaction with both people by which one is influenced (teachers and mentors), but also the learning opportunities from working with others (peers, family, and friends). Passion, overtly acknowledged or subconsciously experienced, stems from everything I do.

     One prominent aspect of who I am that you will undoubtedly find at the top of this page and throughout the pages to come is my passion for what I intend to make into a career: 3D animation. I have created a few 3D images and animations that both complement the content of the page and reinforce my interest in the field.

     As an individual, each student is different. Learning styles, interests, and experiences all vary from person to person. Personally, I have always found it interesting to gain insights into the thought processes of others--how they solve problems, what inspires them, and how they handle the task of receiving an education. I am happy to share some of my experiences and answer some of these questions on the pages to follow.

     I welcome everyone to use the top navigation panel to browse the various web pages to get an idea of what I have done and learned at Holy Cross. Additionally, I extend an invitation to anyone who wishes to attend my Capstone presentation (outlined further under The Four Pillars' Capstone section) on April 18th at 2:30 PM.

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